Build strength, flexibility, and mindfulness all in one practice with yoga classes from Fit Athletic Club. We welcome yogis of all levels and abilities at either of our Houston locations with a wide range of classes designed to meet your needs and help you reach your fitness goals. Learn more about what we have to offer for your yoga practice and contact the Fit Athletic team today for your free trial pass!

Yoga for Beginners

Are you new to yoga or returning to your practice after a long break? Here at Fit Athletic Club, we offer yoga classes made for beginners that focus on the fundamentals and help you build up your confidence. Learn – or re-learn – the classic positions and concepts in a friendly, non-judgmental atmosphere with plenty of hands-on support available. Start slow and then ask about how else you can expand your practice here in Houston!

Focus on Function

Your body can do amazing things. Unlock your potential and make everyday activities easier with a yoga class designed to build strength, develop skill, and help you find awareness through movement. Enjoy better posture, joint mobility, and core control, and prevent injury in all aspects of your life and fitness routine with guidance from our certified trainers. Join us at a Fit Athletic Club location near you and learn to move better and feel better!

Slow Flow

Save your HIIT workouts and intense cardio routines for another day and slow down with a yoga class centered on balance and flow. Fit Athletic Club is dedicated to meeting all of your fitness needs, and our slow flow class is here for you when you want to care for your body intuitively and reduce stress. Explore our fitness class schedule to find a time that works for you and join us at our downtown Houston or River Oaks location.

Advanced Yoga

If you love yoga and you’re looking for a challenge, visit Fit Athletic Club! We offer yoga classes made for intermediate and advanced practitioners with more rigorous workouts and disciplined movements designed to push your practice. Create heat, lean into your energy flow, and further develop your strength and flexibility while on the move.

Sign Up Today!

Interested in exploring our yoga classes? Check out our fitness class schedule and contact Fit Athletic Club or fill out our online form today to receive your complimentary trial pass. We look forward to seeing you soon!


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