Excellent Way To Gain Flexibility

Flexibility is more than the ability of the muscles to stretch, it is a prerequisite to strength, stamina and coordination. Everyone can improve their flexibility, from the high school athlete trying to prevent injuries

to the senior citizen looking to improve balance (flexibility decreases with age). For the sedentary professional, occupational demands that involve long period of sitting / standing / traveling generally result in tight, inflexible muscles. In the absence of stretching techniques, a muscle sprain is very likely, even with the easiest exercise. Hence it is important to work on flexibility.

Presenting some of the easiest, do-it-anywhere ways to develop and maintain greater flexibility. You can do these exercises anywhere - when talking on the phone, on the way back home, relaxing at home, or anytime you feel like doing a minute of gentle, relaxing exercise. Even a few minutes of stretching can result in a cascade of benefits, including freedom of movement and stress release. You will soon feel lighter, energetic and more relaxed.

Tips to remember before you begin.

1. Always stretch muscles after a warm up, because stretching cold muscles can cause an injury.2. For best results, try warming up with a simple 5 minute exercise such as on the spot marching, walking, alternate knee raises, skipping.3. Start each stretch slowly and gently till you feel a mild discomfort (but not to the point of pain). Hold for 10 to 20 seconds.5. Practice each stretch 3-4 times.6. Avoid bouncing, overstretching.

There are hundreds of stretches that you can try, but the following are among the most effective.

A. NECK STRETCH-Standing upright, slowly try to touch the chin to the collarbone, and look at the floor. Next, take your head back and try to face the ceiling; you will feel the stretch in the front of the neck region. Benefits - helps relieve neck aches and improve posture.

B. SHOULDER STRETCH -Stand upright with feet shoulder width apart. Clasp both hands behind the back. Slowly raise the clasped hands behind your body towards the ceiling and feel the stretch in the front of the shoulder muscles. Benefits - helps relive stiff, painful shoulders after long hours of work

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C. WAIST STRETCH.In a standing position, reach your left arm overhead and bend to the right at the waist, allowing the right hand to slide down on the outer part of the right thigh and shin Hold. Return to the center. Repeat on opposite side. Benefits: helps tone the waist (love handles) in addition to aerobic exercise

D. LOWER BACK STRETCH.Stand straight, with the trunk erect, and the knees slightly bent. Bend forward, (but be careful to avoid slouching of the shoulders and upper back) and try to touch the fingertips to the floor. Slowly return to the starting position. Benefits - helps relieve low back stiffness.

E. QUADRICEPS STRETCH -To stretch the muscles at the front of the thigh, Stand next to a wall with the left hand leaning against the wall for support. Bend the right knee, and use the right hand to grasp the right ankle behind the body. Try to gently pull the right heel towards the bottom. Repeat on the other side. Benefits: helps relieve tightness in the thigh, beneficial for individuals who spend long hours sitting.

For best results, try practicing these exercises after a hot shower (since warm muscles are more pliable and receptive to stretching) and / or a warm up routine to get best results.

Hopefully, these stretches can help you relieve pain and tightness. Good luck. Always stretch those muscles, and don't neglect them when they are tight!

Article Source: http://physicalfitnessarticles.net

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