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Welcome to FIT Athletic Club Group Fitness!

Reach new goals. Do workouts you love. Live healthier. Feel better. Enjoy the motivation.

At Fit, we offer the healthy, motivating group fitness classes you want and that will keep you coming back for more! Come and enjoy being a part of the Fit community who loves living a healthy lifestyle just as much as you. Take any or all classes — they are all fully complimentary with your Fit membership.

At Fit, we keep the variety fresh and fun with nearly one hundred group class classes to choose from each week. Try something new! Fit’s certified Instructors are passionate about helping you feel your best and living your healthiest self! Come in today and be a part of our community that moves and motivates together! No matter your skill or fitness level, all of our group fitness programs are designed with modifications to allow each participants to go at his or her own pace. All classes are included in your membership and are the perfect way to stay inspired and challenged, all while having a great time.

Let’s get together today — ON US! We look forward to welcoming you to any of our inspiring group fitness classes with your complimentary pass!


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