Benefits of Hiring a Personal Trainer, Part 2

We all have fitness goals. Whether those goals are to lose a few pounds or do a few more pull-ups, there’s bound to be something that you are reaching to achieve. Crossing that finish line and crossing that goal off your list, however, can be a challenge, especially when you are trying to achieve those goals alone. The key to getting there faster? A certified personal trainer.

In part one of this series, we covered a few of the advantages of personal training, from learning how to set realistic goals to saving yourself from injury. The good news is that those aren’t the only benefits! In today’s blog, we’ll be continuing the conversation with more ways personal training can help shift your progress into high gear. Read on to learn more, and contact Fit Athletic Club today to ask about the personal training programs available to our members!

Be Accountable

One of the biggest dangers of planning and implementing your own fitness program is that it’s easy to lose motivation and let yourself off the hook for skipping yet another class or long run. No one else has to know that you ate a few too many free donuts at work, right? With a personal trainer, you have someone who will hold you accountable and help you stick with the program. You’ll also be accountable to your bank account, and studies show that a financial investment in personal training or another fitness program can help motivate you when nothing else can.

Get Support for More Than Just Exercise

Whether you are trying to lose weight or meet a new fitness goal, exercise is only half the battle. Nutrition is a big contributor to your success…or failure. Fortunately, most certified personal trainers are also educated on nutrition, and they can walk you through changes to your diet as well as your exercise plan. Some may even take a more holistic approach and work with you like a life coach to help you improve all aspects of your lifestyle. With or without additional qualifications, a personal trainer can help you simply by asking about other aspects of your life and helping you move in the right direction.

Be Challenged

Many people who are working toward a fitness goal – especially weight loss – find themselves plateauing after a certain point. They become comfortable with their routine, and suddenly it’s hard to make further progress. A certified personal trainer can help you break through this plateau with new ideas and more challenging workouts. They won’t let you settle for less, and they will help motivate you to push above and beyond to keep making progress.

Find Exercises You Enjoy

Burpees are a very effective exercise, but does anyone actually like them? When faced with a workout full of exercises you dread, it’s no wonder that reaching your fitness goals is a challenge. A personal trainer can help you customize a workout plan with exercises that are not only effective, but also enjoyable. They know a lot of different workouts you can try, and they have the knowledge to find alternatives or modifications that work for you.

Let Someone Else Keep Count

One simple but meaningful benefit of having a personal trainer? Letting someone else keep track of your workout. They can keep track of the time or the number of reps you’ve done. Instead of focusing on the fact that you’re only halfway through a brutal workout, you can concentrate on giving it your best effort.

Get Faster Results

Combining all of these advantages leads to one big reason to give personal training a try: better, faster progress. A certified personal trainer can help you craft the perfect fitness program and help you stick with it. If you have been struggling to reach your goals, then the key you’ve been missing may be personalized support and accountability.

Your goals are easier to achieve with support, especially with the right kind of support. Start making better progress today and sign up for personal training with Fit Athletic Club in Houston! Our staff is dedicated to listening to you and understanding your needs with every session, and our success is your success. Meet all the great certified personal trainers on our staff on our personal training page, and contact Fit Athletic Club today to get started!

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