5 Reasons a Gym Membership Is Worth It

You’re motivated to work out — great! Now the question becomes: where do you work out? Gym memberships are often seen as a financial burden, which may make you consider utilizing your apartment’s complex or building a home gym. Are you really going to get the same results at home, though? In today’s blog, we break down the true value of a gym membership to help you decide.

If you’re ready to join a local fitness center, check out Fit Athletic Club! We have two convenient locations in Houston, where we offer a wide range of benefits for our members, including a full schedule of group fitness classes, clean equipment, a friendly staff, and more. Read on to learn how we make it worth your while, and contact us today to ask about our free trial pass for Houston residents!

#1: Variety

High on the list of things that set commercial gyms apart from a home or apartment complex setup is the variety of equipment and exercise options they offer. Some apartment fitness centers are better than others, and you can customize your home gym with equipment you know you use and like. Still, it’s hard to stack up against a commercial gym that often has all the exercise equipment you could dream of, from treadmills and stair climbers to rowing machines and free weights. If there comes a day when you want to switch up your fitness routine or try something new, you’ll want the full access a gym membership grants you.

#2: Motivation

If the financial commitment of a gym membership scares you, that can be a good thing! Money is a very good motivator, and knowing that you are locked into a monthly fee can help you get off the couch and get to work. Building a home gym also comes with a financial investment, but when it’s right there, it’s easy to let things slip. After all, it will be there tomorrow, right?

Simply exercising around other people can be a good motivator. If you see others powering through their workout, it can help you power through your own. Having to drive somewhere for that boost can be a drag, but be honest with yourself: on those gray, do-nothing days, is walking to the garage or your apartment’s gym really that much easier than getting in the car?

#3: Focus

Another benefit you get with a gym membership? Focus. A commercial gym is a place dedicated to exercise and virtually nothing else. Once you get there, there is not much for you to do except to follow through on your planned workout. Whether you’re leaning toward your apartment’s fitness center or a home gym, it can be distracting to only be a few yards – or feet – from a world of distractions. Your to-do list is always going to be calling you away.

#4: Group Fitness Classes

Your little ones interrupting your home workout doesn’t count as group fitness, which makes fitness classes one perk that a home or apartment center gym just can’t compete with. There are a lot of benefits that come with group fitness, from the guidance of a trained instructor to the opportunity to try out everything from a new yoga flow to kickboxing. There are guided workouts available online and on video, but it’s just not the same as a real-life, in-person class with other fitness enthusiasts.

#5: Amenities and Services

These days, many gyms go beyond simply providing you with a place to hop on a treadmill. For example, Fit Athletic Club also offers other services, like dedicated personal training and on-site physical therapy. We do our best to make our fitness center almost as convenient as a home gym, with private showers, towel service, and provided toiletries. To make it even more worthwhile, we provide a wide variety of amenities, including a dry sauna, complimentary WiFi, and a cafe and juice bar.

Are you looking for a fitness center experience that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations? Contact Fit Athletic Club today. We strive to offer an unparalleled health and fitness experience for Houstonians, whether you are striving toward new goals, looking for a way to unwind from your busy everyday life, or seeking to connect with like-minded people. Call today or fill out our online form to receive a free trial pass!

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